Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Evidence…and politics based medicine

Last year when I was visiting friends in San Francisco, California, they asked me why I was not thinking of moving to America and having a much better chance of success. I told them that leaving my homeland was not an easy step for me, and than he asked me: in order to decide to live anywhere in the world, two things are the key-good education and good health. Do you have that in Macedonia?

Katerina Topalova

No more restrictions, no more quarantine and no lockdown. Freedom! How much will freedom cost us if we see that we have no awareness of collectivity? Will each of us be able to put ourselves in order and have our own responsibility? We are scared of ourselves because the institutions have raised their hands. Prohibition was not easy, but it seems easier than controlling the mind. Now the application of the measures has been left to the consciousness of the people, and it has proved to be extremely low.

The chairperson of the Commission on Infectious Diseases said that the state has outgrown itself, our system has shown itself in dealing with the coronavirus. It is strange the loosening of the well known doctor if he himself says that the virus is here and the job is not done. His attitude encourages that even without measures; medicine will be able to cope with Coyd-19.

The relaxation of the measures was recommended by the commission, which is guided by evidence-based medicine! Since the announcement of the pandemic, they have been building a system to try to amortize the virus and save more people. However, our system began to crumble when religious leaders were allowed to make decisions contrary to the commission’s recommendations. For Easter, they licked the same spoon in the temples, for Eid they prayed without distance. Some claimed that the infection was not transmitted from the holy spoon, others declared the virus dead! This is evidence-based medicine!

Masks and gloves are mandatory indoors because the virus can be anywhere and you do not know which in side it can attack you, doctors claim. Nevertheless, politicians say there could be an election and that the mask could be removed in a matter of seconds to identify the character. It was not dangerous. This is evidence-based medicine … and politics!

In the middle of a curfew, the mayor forgot to put on his mask to calm the angry crowd. A dance was played in Gevgelija while the responsible people were in quarantine. Believers held group iftars every night to celebrate their fasting. Entire settlements are “detached” from the system. These are not individuals. Therefore, it is and it will so because the penal system has not worked for a long time!

It is no wonder that there are so many supporters of conspiracy theories in the country and the non-existence of Covid-19, because from a serious job, those responsible make and support a parade!
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1968 – A heart transplant was performed for the first time in Stanford, California. After 52 years, this operation happened in our country as well. “Two things are crucial for you to decide to live anywhere in the world – good education and good health.”

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