Tuesday, May 28, 2024

We will bet who will win the elections

From today betting points, the closed shopping malls, driving schools, educational centers for adults and open fields for individual sports are opened. The government has relaxed the measures where they considered it was safer. In addition, the sport is in a lockdown. So, all we have to do is bet on who will win the election that they were negotiating in nearly a month.

Каterina Topalova

The cash register is empty. Everything that brings money will open first. In a country where closed shopping malls are a safe place, there is no room for worry. Kindergartens will wait, school-no, most of the companies are still at home, the administration as well, so I really want to know who will leave the children in the care of those parents who will want to renew themselves?

The school year has been declared as finished, there is no return to the school desks. What it can-will be taught online. We have learned to go online, but we cannot learn to buy from there. Experts estimate that children successfully acquire knowledge in front of the screen, but the analysis showed that there is no big sale from home.

Nobody mentioned libraries, are they safe? Or should they not be opened because there is a nest of infection? Gambling must not suffer. Only now, after losing hundreds of jobs, will they be waiting for a penny plus from games of chance and betting. However, what will they guess? After impoverishing it, people have long known their favorite color if they have to guess between black and white. It is not a good sign as soon as hope is in the gamble.

Elections are being arranged. After five additional minutes, each of us will have to convince the authorities that the clumsy ears are from the mask and that the gloves are not sprayed but are dirty from use. Will the #stayhome sign still stand during rallies? Now “party posters” will be outdated, a profession of the future is a “party line of rallies”. For acquaintances they will relax the measures of distance, for those they do not know – they will have to follow from far.

They also announced that officials would not go on quarantine before and after traveling abroad. Thus, European countries began to agree not to isolate their citizens.

Although no one is immune to coronavirus, it seems to attack the most the poor ones. Those who will have to pay to prove that they are healthy and will be isolated so as not to infect those who will get out of plane and go to bed at home. Covid-19 attacks those who bet to survive, those who see the danger of spreading the infection in schools but not in shopping malls.

They also opened the driving schools, but we are “driven” from everyone for a long time ago!


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