Sunday, May 19, 2024

Will the infection continue after the end of the pandemic?

Tightening, loosening, new measures … no one mentions the end, but we desperately need it. The pressure of the situation itself is contagious to our minds and our daily lives. What will the world look like after Covid-19? What will our infected lives look like after the end of the pandemic?

Аuthor: Katerina Topalova

This virus will go down in history for a long time, and we will all be witnessing a sad and difficult year for the humanity. No one will play Colonel Buenadia from Marquez’s excellent book “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. In this unique work, he speaks of the great massacre of the military that mercilessly kills the workers of the banana plantations who went on strike. Buendia, an experienced colonel with his own eyes, sees trains carrying dead bodies. The witness of this horrible event returns to the city, and no one there remembers anything! Everyone convinces him that such a thing did not happen, neither protest nor murder, so in a healthy consciousness he has to reconsider whether he dreamed, whether he invented it himself or something is happening to him?

Announcements of easing of measures and opening of borders will not in themselves erase the situation. The day when the world turns off the light to be saved from the biological monster that has no mercy will be remembered, generations will learn about it, and we will witness that time. Our lives that we have put in the frame will have to wait a while for it to be released. The fear of illness, the constant stress that our loved ones or we will be the target of a similar illness will last for the rest of our lives. Psychologists and psychiatrists will have their hands full to help people regain their normality.

The traffic on the social networks will remain to witness the already great dependence of the groom-generation growing up in front of the screen. Life at a distance will gain new momentum; contacts that have no physical contact will remain. E-shopping and online food orders will be developed.

Online work and communication platforms will become increasingly popular. Companies will consider cutting back on physical work. Working from home could also lead to the exodus of workers from large cities and their relocation to less populated areas with lower living costs. Many companies, in order to survive the economic and financial crisis, will have to fire a certain number of workers and automate what can be automatized – but such a form of work presupposes a number of knowledge that employers and workers will have to have at their disposal for the new economy after the crisis.

The infection will also leave its mark on medicine. The mode of operation will change significantly and telemedicine or remote treatment will remain as a new direction that has proven to be effective. Online education will not fade. Many universities and schools will maintain this method of mastering and teaching. The infected world will live by new rules after the end of the pandemic! No one will forget! No one will stop remembering!

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