Sunday, May 19, 2024

The country with two truths

We live in a country where there are two truths about everything – one that everyone knows and the other that everyone is talking about. In a country with two million people, long and wide to walk in one day, efforts are being made to build a parallel world. Is there a third “truth” that is different from the previous two?

Аuthor: Katerina Topalova 

Lately, I have been reading the interpretation that coronavirus is a reminder of nature to turn to ourselves, to family, to truth. Let us unite and change. If this is the message, I am afraid the virus will have to persist in our country.

At a time when the whole world is trying to unite against the invisible enemy that lies ahead, our politicians manage to find time and make politicking out of themselves, the health of their children, their families and their citizens. It’s simple, nature can’t give us as many unifying challenges as we can share. There are two truths about everything in Macedonia. Both are objective. No one respects the other truth because he is deeply convinced that his is the right one. Moreover, one thing is for sure, we all know it, but we want to believe in another truth. We are a society that has the power to create parallel truth.

Are there coronavirus tests or not? Are there donations from foreign countries or not? Are there more sick people than the official data show or not?
They give up from the elections; they did not give up the campaign!

Politicians who say they think of their own people have to work together during a pandemic and must not argue at press conferences to show parallel truths. Heroes and losers cannot be played at a time when every death is breathed into their necks.
It is written in the holy book – the truth will set you free. Our two, in which we turn in a magical circle, are constantly putting new thorns in our side.

It is a pity that there is no situation that can be recognized as a priority. Today, when there is no possibility of dividing the rich and the poor, when there is no possibility of dividing ethnic and religious affiliation, when it does not matter whether you are young or old, sick or healthy, it is sad to create two truths.

The situation is difficult enough to make it even harder for us! You are part of us, not above us. Do not create parallel worlds in healthy people, who can and want to love, who can and want to be unique and together win this fight. Do not turn lies into truth, for the people will find a way out of both!

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