Thursday, May 30, 2024

The Permanent War between Good and Evil

Author: Sefer Selimi Jr.

And for a moment the world was silent. The noisy streets of the world’s metropoles were emptied to leave the place to uncertainty and the unknown. The store shutters that hadn’t been locked for years were kissed with the lockers and showcase lights that had fought for the attention of passersby’s were handed over to the darkness. The world slipped toward the noisy calmness of prayers and hope.

Humanity has been tempered by major crises that define the historical trajectory and remodel the future. Survival and adaptation are the most powerful instincts that have enabled our species to establish dominance over planet Earth by crawling for millions of years from caves to tall palaces that touch the sky. We have survived even when all chances have been against us so we will survive this time too when we are at war with an old enemy – the epidemic.

But in this war that the enemy has invisible soldiers we expose our character by putting into direct war the good with the evil through parallel battles of reason and nonsense, solidarity and greed, intelligence and charlatanism – a war that has never lined up , but that at this time has another sense. The triumph of one or the other will be the determinant of the price we will pay if we will have a victory like Pyros’s or a pure victory with unavoidable losses. And yes, we are talking about loss of human’s life.

The war between good and evil is a divine, continuous, and eternal war. Here the characters faint with hatred, envy and anger and to be at the forefront of this never-ending struggle that resembles Sisyphus’s struggle must have unshakable faith, nurture which is often blind love, and sacrifice from ourselves.

An unwavering belief that everything will be well, an idea that is often utopian but which is the only branch to cling to in order to avoid falling into the abyss of hatred. To love blindly, including the enemy, and to be able to forgive him after victory because it is the only way not to fight him again, at least for a while. To sacrifice by yourself in a fight that many see from the spectator position by cheering once for David and sometimes for Goliath, without wondering what the consequences will be for us in case if one or the other wins. However, this battle will continue after this challenge, with new and old motives, old and new enemies because it is the very meaning of humanity and the only war we cannot afford to lose.

In these times without time, when everyone looks through fear and uncertainty, greed hangs over people’s fates like jackals when the fog falls. Souls enslaved in the smallness of their selfishness waiting to swallow whatever they can from the tragedy of the other, the ravens feeding on the corpses of sad human fate and becoming one with the enemy at the peak of battle.

These are the fraudsters who make the bargain count with the scale of despair and need, which as the people say to drink the blood with cotton. These opportunists are myopia who look no further than their own interest until the fate of the human tragedy strikes in their lives, and ironically, the outstretched hand is the same solidarity hand that makes the difference today. Solider people are the knights of the struggle between good and evil, and in the most critical moments of a battle, the knights make the difference, so we need more of them, so it is needed we to be so.

What most suffers during such situations is sound reason, another parallel battle in the struggle between good and evil. Under the leadership of the charlatans nonsense for a moment makes sense, transforms into reason and logic. Emotions are alienated to question both what we have always known and what we have seen and heard.

In these moments of crisis charlatans have their time to clothe themselves with fame and cling to imaginary conspiracies, about their absolute truths, and the secret that only they know. And for a moment they are right because the self-defense instinct is designed to identify the enemy, and when the enemy is invisible one must always invent one. At the end of this battle, the charlatans will be forgotten and the collective remembrance will fire them away until the next crisis, when their moment comes again.

As in the past and this time too we will triumph again, but this victory will depend on each of us. Unfortunately, this time we cannot choose to sit aside and cheer from afar because we are all involved while what we can choose is on which side we will line up and this is the only choice that depends on us.

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